The Direction
"There appears a light on the ocean of sorrow, suffering and pain... ...which brings new hope, Pleasure and comforting gain."

~ Dr.P.S Ajrawat

Chronic Pain Sufferer

From a Painfully Static to a Gainfully Dynamic Way of Living

Once More!
The Story of a Chronic Pain Sufferer
By Gary Grewal

My name is Gary Grewal, and I am a 29 yr old living in B.C. Canada. At the age of 27 I was perfectly healthy and living a very productive life. I enjoyed sports, going to the gym, and had a very social life. All this came crashing down in May 2007 when I was on my way to a weekend get away. I had a backpack full of clothes in my left hand and was running to meet some friends at the Ferry Terminal. When I stopped running and got onto the ferry I felt this sudden pain on the left side of my lower back. I thought nothing of it and started stretching; this is when my nightmare began. The next morning I couldn't even get out of bed, walk, or move my left leg. This is the most pain I had ever experienced in my life, I had tears in my eyes because the pain was so unbearable. We decided to head back home which took 4.5 hrs by car and ferry. I was having such painful spasms that my body would jerk and I was screaming. Once home I couldn't get out of the car and was rushed to the hospital. There I received morphine injections for pain and had some tests done.

Cat Scans showed that I had a slipped disc that was obtruding at the L4-L5 Level. My left leg was now longer than my right leg. The slipped discs were pinching my nerves, which caused shooting pain from my left buttocks into my thigh and down my leg to my ankle. The pain felt like someone was stabbing me all the way down my left side. I couldn't stand straight or walk on my own. My Family Doctor prescribed me painkillers such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Percocets to name just a few among many others. These pills were temporarily reducing the pain, but not fixing the problem. I tried many different Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, and massage therapist's and none of them helped.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and was not able to pass the physical testing requirements for the various agencies that I was seeking employment with. I was also fired from my current job because of too many days missed due to my severe back injury. This affected my personality, mood, and behavior in a very negative way. I didn't talk to my family and kept to myself, was always mad and yelling at those I loved. My life took a complete nosedive and I couldn't do the things that I used to do like playing sports, working out, or just going out with friends and having a good time. PAIN had ruined my life. This caused me to become depressed at times because I was losing hope. I got used to the idea that I would have to spend the rest of my life living this way. Not being able to pursue my career goals, and enjoying life caused me to start drinking heavily.

After 2 years of living in hell, I finally got my lucky break. I went to a speech/Conference and heard Dr. P.S. Ajrawat speaking about his patented "Air Pulse Autonomic Meditations, and Image Therapy." Dr. Ajrawat was swarmed my thousands of people in pain about their various illnesses and a search for a cure when all other medical practices had failed them. I was one out of the thousands that had the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr. Ajrawat. I had been let down by many medical experts in the past, and already knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Ajrawat blew my mind by looking at me and he said " son you have a disc problem in your back, and your left leg is longer than your right." He said this just by looking me over for a few seconds. I made the decision to fly to Dr. Ajrawat's Pain Medicine Center in Washington D.C. There I received state of the art medical treatments that I had never seen or experienced before, and every treatment made me feel better. Dr. Ajrawat told me that every health problem has a remedy and a solution. He was so confident that he was going to fix me, and he DID. After spending 2 weeks at the Washington Pain Medicine Center, I was a new man. I was treated with multimodality treatments which included trigger point injections, nerve blocks, physical rehabilitation, strengthening and stretching exercises, meditation and image therapy, medication, hot packs, electrical stimulation and medication. Dr. Ajrawat had me running, bending, and doing things that I only did before my injury. My depression disappeared, and I was so eager to get back home and get back to my normal life. Thank you Dr. Ajrawat for all you have done for me, I am who I am today due to your kindness, and caring ways. You spent relentless hours working on me, and for that I can never thank you enough. God Bless you and may your live a hundred years so you can help others who are suffering and living in pain.

Gary Grewal