Dr.Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy™

A Nondenominational Scientific Breakthrough
Meditation Therapy for The New Age


New Meditative Pain & Stress Treatment Introduced by Pain Specialist Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat
Dr. Ajrawat’s Air Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy™ is a breakthrough scientific meditation designed to provide instant relaxation and initiate a healthy state of mind and body.
Potomac, MD -- Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat introduces Air Pulse Meditation, a breakthrough scientific meditation for the new age. Invented by Ajrawat, the meditation therapy is based on the principle that the mind and body function together as one unit.

Dr. Ajrawat’s Air Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy™ emphasizes total focus on mind and body without stimulation or distraction. During meditation, one can easily block mental chatter, undesirable imagery or wandering of the mind, while staying fully focused on the self and on vital functions such as heart rate and breathing. The meditation helps the individual meditate on the self and on the vital functions of the body, effortlessly achieving a balance called Autonomic Balance™ and a relaxed state of mind and body called Autonomic Bliss™.
“Since it is scientific and nondenominational, the meditation can be incorporated in daily prayer and routine for better health and vitality,” Ajrawat said. “It can be done any time of the day, in any relaxed posture (Khalistani) and without any autosuggestion.”
By taking a spiritual and scientific approach, Dr. Ajrawat’s Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy™ explains how levels of various biochemical structures like hormones, neurotransmitters and noxious stimuli can determine the quality of a person’s mental or physical health. The meditation is based on Dr. Ajrawat’s concept of Bidirectional Psychosomatic Feedback establishing autonomic balance. It utilizes multiple components including central, cardiac, respiratory, sense of touch and smile.
“The meditation therapy centers on the fact that the human body’s physiological function is maintained largely by the autonomic nervous system,” Ajrawat said. “Health and vitality generally results from the balance and harmony between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, two components of the autonomic nervous system.” Hence it helps with varieties of disorders including pain, stress, anxiety, panic disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction, irriitable colon, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder among others
Ajrawat believes his method can help individuals live in the present, de-condition their minds against past negative feelings or influences, overcome ego, improve insight and develop clarity of thought and vision. Through persistence, Ajrawat says the meditation can lead to the ability to control and optimize emotions, urges, instincts and behaviors, leading to a unique and evolved state of mind, thus leading to the realization of self.
Along with the practice of daily meditation, walking alternated with jogging, strengthening and stretching exercises, good nutrition, correction of skeletal disproportion and ergonomics can all help the mind and body acquire their necessary agility.
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