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Myofascial Headaches

"For 12 years I have been suffering with Migraine Headaches. I cannot describe the pain because it was so severe, but you might imagine how it would feel if someone hammered a sharp nail into your eye and out your temple. The pain affected the entire side of my head, extending down the back of my neck even causing me to vomit. To curb the pain my doctor would give me an injection which only put me to sleep. After each injection, it took four days for my body to recover and to function normally again.

Of course, this affected my family life, my work and my self esteem. I averaged two migraine headaches a month. On the last visit to my family doctor, I broke down in tears and said that I could not handle this pain any longer. He recommended that I try the Washington Pain Medicine Center, under the direction of Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat. Since working with Dr. Ajrawat my life has changed. I never knew that feeling good, felt so good."

-Karen Pavlik

"For the past 11 years I have been suffering from chronic headaches. These headaches would wake me up at night and last all day. The pain was a constant, nagging dull pain that I felt in the back of my neck and shoulders and around my forehead. My headaches would keep me form doing a lot of things like work at school. They affected my family life because I had no motivation to do anything or go anywhere. I was constantly complaining about my pain and became depressed. I was unable to sleep well during the night, so I was always sluggish and tired.

Through the years I had been seen by numbers of doctors such as Neurologist, Chiropractors, General Practitioners, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, and Allergists. I was told by most that I was suffering from migraines. I was given several medications like Medrin, Fiorecet and Imitrex, all of which did not work. I was also told that I had a sinus or allergy problem that was discovered to be not true. I also was told that my headaches were tension, so I was given heavy muscle relaxers and anti-depressants which always left me drowsy and only seem to cover up my pain not correct the pain.

When I came to the Washington, D.C. area I found Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat. He knew he could help me as soon as he heard my story. He told me I had Muscle Contraction Headaches or Tension Headaches. I had heard that before but I hadn't heard about his treatment before. Dr. Ajrawat uses trigger point injections. Along with the injections I do Neuromuscular Conditioning and Stretching. This combined therapy has definitely worked. I feel much more relaxed. I can feel the muscles in my shoulders relaxing and it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my whole neck. My headaches have greatly been reduced and I have learned how to relax on my own. Dr. Ajrawat has shown me meditation and stretching exercises that I can take with me and use for long term health.

My family is very pleased with my progress. They are relieved that I am more motivated and don't complain any more and I am generally a much happier person. I encourage anyone who has pain to see Dr. Ajrawat and doctors like him. This therapy really works and you don't have to live with pain. I thank Dr. Ajrawat for everything he has done for me."

-- Michele Peterson